BGS Jewelers/Bob's Gem Shop has been selling EGL and GIA certificated diamonds to the public and to dealers for decades. All jewelry dealers, but not usually the public, understand pricing which is set by Martin J. Rappaport and available to diamond dealers and retailers and used industry wide. 

All our diamonds are priced below Rappaport wholesale value. We guarantee that all diamonds we sell are wholesale and at a lower price than you will see elsewhere--including the diamond district in Los Angeles. We are happy to educate you in the 4 Cs of diamonds (color, cut, clarity, and carat weight) as well as pricing, offering you complete transparency---something not often offered to the public when purchasing their diamonds. Rappaport pricing is not generally offered to the public but we are happy to show you the guide that sets the industry standards for diamond pricing. 
With thousands of diamonds, both graded with certificates and ungraded, from around the globe available to us, we are sure we can take care of your diamond needs--large or small.
We encourage you to ask other stores about their pricing and call or come in for any of your diamond needs, both big and small.

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